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  • Summer: Sunset Over The River

    A sunset view in Northern Maine displaying the beauty of a river, wildlife and nature.

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    Sunset Over The River

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  • Summer: Overlook Hill
  • Summer: Lake Of Colors
    Hidden secrets of Northern Maine can produce a stunning photographic image such as this lake hidden in the wooded areas of the northern section of Maine. Crisp blue skies along with the rich refelctions in the calm water provide an environment for awesome photographic scenes!
  • Summer: River-View
  • Summer: Dream House
  • Summer: Droplet
  • Summer: Endless-Wheat-Field
  • Summer: Field Of Yellow
  • Summer: Flowing Water
  • Summer: Guiding Light
  • Summer: View From Haystack
  • Summer: Memorable Sunset
  • Summer: Nest In The Trees
  • Summer: Reflections
  • Summer: Lifting Fog
  • Summer: Lupy
  • Summer: Make A Wish
  • Summer: Morning Glow
  • Summer: Northern Maine District Courthouse
  • Summer: Enjoying Summer
  • Summer: Open Day
  • Summer: On The Ridge
  • Summer: One Big Cloud
  • Summer: Patch Of Yellow
  • Summer: Peaceful
  • Summer: Pond Of Colors
  • Summer: Lonely Wind Mill
  • Summer: Field-of-Green
  • Summer: Presque Isle Sunset
  • Summer: River And Clouds
  • Summer: Running-Water
  • Summer: Pulchritude
  • Summer: Saint Marys Church
  • Summer: Seven AM
  • Summer: Silence
  • Summer: Soft Night
  • Summer: Wind-Turbine
  • Summer: Hidden-Pond
  • Summer: Sunset In Presque Isle
  • Summer: Tall Trees
  • Summer: The Broken Barn
  • Summer: Under The Bridge
  • Summer: Under The Skies
  • Summer: UMPI
  • Summer: BW-Shed
  • Summer: Vintage-Night
  • Summer: Wind Farm
  • Summer: Mount-Katahdin
  • Summer: Track-View
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